Your Dream Wedding – On The Beach

Planning a wedding on a beach is a fabulous idea. For starters, nature provides one of the most beautiful backdrops you could ever ask for- completely free!  No need to pay for expensive centerpieces or decorations, you will have white sands, glorious painted skies, and the sensation of the infinite by being near the water- a perfect metaphor upon which to build your marriage.

If you are planning a beach wedding, choosing “the” dress has its own set of guidelines specific to the setting. Beach wedding attire, including a wedding gown, cannot be overly formal. Heavy materials such as brocade, satin, and jacquard will be completely out of place. Choose a breezier fabric- silk, chiffon, organza- these will suit the locale perfectly. Another consideration is train length. A cathedral length train belongs in a cathedral. Choose a short train, or go with a flowy, tea-length gown.  With regards to veil length, again, choose a shorter headpiece, or even opt for a tiara. It can be quite breezy on a beach, and a longer veil is apt to get tangled and knotted.

Shoes are another consideration to take into account when planning your beach wedding attire. Spike heels are a no-go, as they will sink in the sand and leave you floundering. Flip- flops are one option, a simple white pair or even an upscale type made of leather, and decked with rhinestones would be acceptable. If you want to go extremely simple, it is perfectly appropriate to go sans shoes- just make sure your toes are perfectly polished, and you’re ready to go!

For your guests, a lightweight skirt or dress in pastel colors would be the most appropriate for the ladies, and men may be the most comfortable (and classy) in linen or seersucker suits, rather than the traditional dark, heavy, cloth suits.

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