Wedding Planning with Overbearing Parents

Wedding planning is one of the most exciting and stressful experiences many people face.  Adding to the stress is the interference of well meaning but overbearing parents.  Learning some helpful hints to assist in minimizing this source of stress can help make this a more enjoyable time for both the future bride and groom.

Many brides have difficulty in delegating the numerous tasks that must be completed before the wedding which invites unwanted opinions and suggestions from future in-laws and parents.  One way to avoid this problem completely or at least minimize its effects is to hire a wedding planner.  This individual can run interference for the bride when she doesn’t like a parent’s color choices or music selection for example.  The wedding planner not only takes charge of all the many details that go into the wedding, but also serves as a convenient mediator as well.

Parents oftentimes are financing the entire cost of the wedding or at least a major portion of it.  This can lead to a feeling of entitlement that because they are footing the bill, they have the right to determine how it’s done.  As much as possible, the bride and groom should try to pay for at least a portion of the wedding themselves.  This shows parents and in-laws that the future couple feels a sense of responsibility and commitment to their wedding, and in turn gives them a right to make their own decisions.  Parents may relinquish their control more readily as they feel more assured that the couple is responsible and mature enough to make the right choices.

Wedding planning is stressful even in the most ideal of circumstances, but adding overbearing parents to the process can basically ruin the anticipation of this special day.  Following the above mentioned tips may not make the problem disappear, but it will do much to make this time of planning more enjoyable and maybe even fun.

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