Hiring a Good Wedding DJ

Choosing your wedding DJ can prove to be one of the most important decisions you will have to make when planning your reception. Finding a DJ with the experience to keep your guests happy and entertained while also catering to the bride and grooms demands is very important. Imagine having a beautiful reception hall rented and all your guests present without even having a DJ to begin with. The ever important first dance would not be possible nor would the father of the brides dance with his daughter. An inexperienced DJ may not be much better and bad timing or poor music selection has ruined more than one wedding reception.

You should begin your search for a good DJ by seeking references and recommendations from other couples in your area. Finding a DJ with reliable equipment and a professional work attitude is a good start. The Internet is a great tool for researching local DJ companies in many cases you can find video of some of the weddings they may have done in the past. This will help give you an idea of their working demeanor and show a little bit of their skills at pleasing the guests. You will not want to sit through five hours of video so looking for the key dances and introductions will let you hear and see his or her microphone manners.

A good wedding DJ will know how to keep your guests entertained and be able to take suggestions from the wedding couple. They should ask for a song list for the wedding couple and research what types of music the majority of the guests would enjoy listening to the most. This is very important to remember as not every family enjoys rap music or heavy metal. When you begin talking with potential DJ companies they should be attentive to your needs and up front about costs and scheduling.

Customer service is what being a wedding DJ is all about so finding the best DJ company is really about finding out which one offers the best customer service. They should be upfront about billing and hourly rates for extra time should be discussed as well if there is a possibility that they may be asked to stay later. Set up and space requirements should be discussed as well. You will want them to listen to your ideas of how you want the reception hall to be laid out for the big day so they should work to fit into your plans.

The best wedding DJ will largely go unnoticed by the wedding guests as they will be engaged with each other and enjoying the celebration. They may notice their favorite song if it plays but the true enjoyment will be the dancing and the company of friends and family. A good DJ should not seek out the limelight but bring attention to the wedding party when it is needed. They should have a clear speaking voice and any announcements or introductions should be done however the wedding party has asked. Your choice for a wedding DJ will go a long way towards having a successful and memorable wedding reception.

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