Custom Music Production

Composition • Arranging • Performance • Recording • Production

Do you have a special song you want customized?
We can do that for you! We can arrange, perform, record, produce and mix your favorite music!

Perhaps you want one song to fade into another or even an entirely new mix!
We’ll create a custom music mix for your ceremony from prelude to postlude. It can be original compositions that you’ve written or an existing song that you want arranged within a certain styling or a remix.

Audio Remixing Services!

  • Wedding Ceremony (Single selections or the entire ceremony)
  • Groove Loops for Formal Introductions!
  • Specialty Dance Song Remixes
  • Bouquet & Garter Song Remixes
  • Theme Oriented (Sports, Holiday, Religion, Time-Period, Etc.)

Composition & Custom Audio Production

  • Client Supplied Content (Names, Lyrics, Poems, Recordings, Etc.)
  • Commissioned Compositions
  • Stingers & Special Effects
  • Custom Fanfares and more!

Contact us now to discuss your music and mix requests at or give us a call at 941-487-8840.